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It's like the ghey version of Twilight.
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mike/edward ;;
introduction ;;

Welcome to mikeedward, a community for fans of the relationship between Edward Cullen and Mike Newton in the best-selling series Twilight, whether it be in a romantic way, platonic way, or any other way you choose preferably with bondage. We accept all sorts here -- fic, icons, graphics, fanmixes, sparkleh statues, anything you want, as long as it's related to Mike and Edward. So join us in our deceivingly cracky depravity. You know you want to...

rules ;;

1. All posts must be related to both Mike AND Edward, not just one or the other. For posts about the individuals, you can check out edward_dazzles or newtonoutfitter.

2. NO bashing, flaming, trolling, name-calling, or throwing of the feces is allowed in this comm. That means no ship wars or anything of the kind, especially if you're arguing about Jacob/Bella vs. Edward/Bella. Please, we get enough of that everywhere else; take your petty fighting to your own journals. Be nice, dammit!

3. If you post something that says "Feel free to delete if not allowed", or any variant thereof, your post will automatically be deleted, even if it WAS allowed. If you're iffy about whether your post is allowed, contact the mod before you post it.

4. Advertising is all right, as long as it's relevant to Mike and Edward.

5. Please put all fics and large images behind a cut. If you don't know what a cut is/how to use it, check out the FAQ's. Also, do not change the default font or font size in your posts. If you do, I will ask you to change it; if you do not change it, your post will be deleted.

6. Your posts don't have to be flocked, but you can make them so if you wish.

7. All fics must be properly labelled, with warnings and everything. If you're not sure how to do this, cruise around fic comms so you can get a general idea (lion_lamb, sortofbeautiful, etc)

8. Have fun, fools! :D

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